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Rebar Testing

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Rebar is a fundamental requirement in concrete based construction. The strength of rebar is critical because the failure of a single rebar could result in the loss of significant strength in the structure, potentially leading to catastrophic failure. Consequently, the users of rebar are commonly required to check the specification of rebar from their independent suppliers. Moreover, rebar is often bent for use in concrete applications. Test standards require a bend test to determine if cracks appear on the outside.

SPTC Materials Testing & Engineering has tensile testing machinery with 100kN, 500kN and 1,500kN capabilities, as well as hydraulic presses with 500kN, 1250kN and 2,500kN capabilities. Additionally, we have all the ancillary equipment to undertake a wide variety of tests to customer requirements.

Some of the relevant international standards are listed below, but please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.
  • EN 10080 - Steel for the reinforcement of concrete. Weldable reinforcing steel.
  • BS 5896 - High tensile steel wire and strand for the prestressing of concrete. Specification
  • ГОСТ 13840 - Reinforced steel ropes 1X7. Specification
  • ГОСТ Р52544 - Weldable deformed reinforcing rolled products of A500C and B500C classes, for the reinforcement of concrete structures.
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