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Prestressed Concrete Beams

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Prestressed concrete beam safety can be evaluated according to its rigidity and various other parameters when subjected to a static load test. The primary indicator being the deflection of the beam at its midspan, for various static loads. This value is then compared to the theoretical value for the design load of the beam, and the test will be deemed to have passed if the difference is less than 5% and the various other parameter checks are within acceptable limits.

In the Caucuses region it is a common requirement to undertake independent tests of newly manufactured prestressed concrete beams using the static load test method. These tests are usually carried out to the ГОСТ 8829 (GOST 8829) standards as specified in the table below. Additionally, various other relevant international standards are listed. Please contact us to discuss any specific testing requirements that you might have.
Reinforced concrete and prefabricated concrete building products. ГОСТ 8829 (GOST 8829) Loading test methods for the assessment of strength, rigidity and crack resistance.
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