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Pile Load Testing, Anchor & Weld Testing

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Piles are subject to both compressive and tensile loads. The purpose of a pile is to provide a firm foundation for concrete slabs, support walls, aerial anchors and pylons etc. Common field test methods include the axial compression pile load test, pullout pile load test, lateral pile load test and dynamic pile load test. Non-destructive static load tests commonly test the pile to some multiple of its design load (often 2). Additionally, using similar company equipment, we also undertake anchor testing and weld testing for both tensile and shear forces.

On-site field tests usually involve the use of hydraulic jacks, of which SPTC Materials Testing and Engineering has 50kN, 100kN and 500kN lifting jacks, as well as all the requisite ancillary equipment to undertake a wide variety of tests. Additionally, with a range of pulling jacks of 100kN, 150kN and 300kN, we also undertake weld testing for both tensile and shear forces.

Some of the relevant international standards are listed below, but please contact us to discuss your particular requirements.
  • ГОСТ 5686 - Pilings field test method.
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