Welcome to SPTC LLC, Georgia - Construction Materials Testing and Engineering for the Caucasus!  

sptc testing & engineering concrete core testing image

Concrete Core Testing 

Concrete core testing and concrete cube testing with 500 kN, 1,250 kN and 2,500 kN hydraulic presses.
sptc testing & engineering aggregate testing image

Aggregate Testing 

Aggregate and soil testing from friable particles to Los Angeles and particle size distribution (PSD) etc. See full list of services for admixtures and slump tests etc.
sptc testing & engineering rebar testing image

Rebar Testing 

Rebar testing and wire rope tensile testing with 100 kN, 500 kN and 1,500 kN (high-capacity) machines, as well as bend tests using hydraulic presses etc.
sptc testing & engineering weld anchor pile load testing image

Pile Load Testing & Welds

Pile load testing, as well as weld strength and anchor testing (tensile & shear). Hydraulic jacks of 100 kN, 150 kN and 300 kN - pulling, or 50 kN, 100 kN and 500 kN - lifting.