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Company History and Activities

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sptc testing & engineering photo of institute SPTC Materials Testing and Engineering LLC., has a long history, although it was only incorporated as a Limited Liability Company in 2007. Originally, it was part of a Georgian State entity known as the Georgian Research Institute of Power Engineering and Power Structures, which was founded in 1928. The Institute was actually the first research institute in the Caucasus, and was formed to address the practical/theoretical problems associated with the development of hydro-electric power, as well as the general construction of industrial buildings, residential buildings and the construction of bridges etc.

Since its privatisation in 2007, SPTC Materials Testing and Engineering LLC., has continued to be engaged with the maintenance of hydro-electric power structures, construction materials testing to national and international standards, as well as declarations of conformance, quality and safety for various sectors of the civil engineering industry in Georgia, and the region as a whole. sptc testing and engineering photo showing an 
      overhead crane and the static load testing of a prestressed concrete beam

With a highly qualified and experienced team, together with all the requisite testing equipment, SPTC Materials Testing and Engineering are well placed to tackle any engineering requirement associated with the verification/enhancement of construction strength and quality. Moreover, given the research oriented background of the company and a long and in-depth knowledge of major Georgian construction projects, we have a unique capability in terms of knowledge and expertise.

In terms of general in-house materials testing capability, we have all the equipment and knowhow to undertake anything from a simple sand test to concrete core or concrete cube testing with our 2,500kN hydraulic presses. On-site work typically includes pile load testing, other types of anchor or weld strength testing using our range of hydraulic jacks and associated equipment. Other types of on-site work involve the testing and certification of prestressed concrete beams.

Part of SPTC Materials Testing and Engineering’s work involves the maintenance, repair and restoration of pre-existing structures. For example, recent work has included: the repair of a broken concrete cantilever on one segment of the Rustavi dam, inspection & testing of the derivation tunnels in the Shaori and Dzevrula hydroelectric power stations (as well as the management of remedial work), drawing up a plan for the strengthening of the spillway on the Zhinvali hydroelectric power station, as well as testing the pulling force on the associated vertical piles.

Some of the work undertaken by SPTC Materials Testing and Engineering involves new projects. For example, we have recently carried out work for highway construction companies such as Metal Group Ltd., a branch of the China Nuclear Industry 23 Construction Co., and the Azerbaijani branch of Polat Yol Yapi Sanayi Ve Ticaret Anonim Sirketi. This work primarily involved the testing and certification of various prestressed concrete beams (17.35m, 27.00m, 30.00m and 35.00m).

Finally, it is often the case that complex construction issues arise on-site. SPTC Materials Testing and Engineering have all the requisite equipment to study such issues and assist our customers with finding appropriate solutions.

static load 
    testing of one prestressed concrete beam with another, using an overhead crane