Welcome to SPTC LLC, Georgia - Construction Materials Testing and Engineering for the Caucasus!  

Company Equipment

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SPTC - Construction Materials Testing and Engineering has a full set of equipment required for testing to the applicable national and international standards (ASTM, EN, ISO, ГОСТ etc.). The key equipment is as follows:

  • Hydraulic presses (500kN, 1250kN and 2,500kN).
  • Tensile testing machines (100kN, 500kN and 1,500kN).
  • Equipment for the testing of aggregates: sieves, determination of strength, weight by volume and bulk density.
  • Hydraulic jacks with lifting forces of 50kN, 100kN and 500kN as well as pulling jacks with forces of 100kN, 150kN and 300kN.
  • Schmidt Hammer and ultrasound equipment to directly establish the strength of a concrete structure.
  • Mechanical and electronic strain gauges & deflectometers for measuring the deformability of concrete, metal (rebar) and other structures.
  • A mixer and vibrating table for concrete.
  • A machine for testing cement deformity, so as to determine normal consistency and setting time etc.
  • An environmental chamber with thermometers and psychrometers etc.
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